Education should not be political or profitable. If your current school could not fulfill your desire to be successful, we can. We carefully analyze each learner based on what he/she needs, and we create a valuable plan for you. Through fruitful collaboration, you will witness your own academic improvement and growing confidence along with us.



With 9 years of experience in the education field, I have taught diverse learners from 5 years old to 68 years old. I am K-12 certified in various subjects. I believe that every child is gifted and talented, but sometimes he/she needs someone to help find it. As the saying goes, the spectator sees the game better than the player. I am not only your spectator, but your counselor, your cheerleader, your observer, your friend. I will use the skills from my experience to discover the gift and talent out of you and enlighten you on utilizing the best of you.
-- Cherrie Chen-Tso

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